Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Both momentum and acceleration are dimensions add probability as yet another dimension.....

in case you are worried about living in only three special dimensions.... you maybe happy to find out there are at least 4 more special dimensions including time.....

There is no g force in space rapid or even hyper warp speed acceleration science fiction movies but in reality its a huge problem. say you get up to the speed of light in a space ship how do you brake it? if you get up to that speed you can step off of your space ship on to a planet going that same speed or beam yourself down maybe you put a thruster in the tip of your spaceship to slow down and that with the speed of light momentum you already have crushes your spaceship like an accordion as if it hit a you think that there are only 3 dimensions before you get to time? Heck no. your sustained momentum without acceleration is a dimension/ dimensioning process and add to that acceleration in going faster or braking and you have yet another dimension. It is pretty obvious to me. I am concerned about parts of atoms that get dragged along some more than others. the outermost electron in atoms can act with acceleration just like a person without a seat belt in an automobile. the more locked in the subatomic particles are the less probability of flying off there is with acceleration deceleration. Its all getting towards one of my new laws of should not be new but than no one else seems to realize these are dimensions. if time is the 4th probability is the 5th . momentum is 6th and 7 is acceleration/ deceleration. I am not sure If I need a revision or not.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Yes Probability Is Faster Than The Speed Of Light.

Think of what is already there. Probability is faster than the speed of light.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Another set of New Laws of physics coming into view. Conditionial probability is key to developing a code. Code can develop itself in nature. Code tends to be self replicating.

Another new set of new laws of physics is coming into view.  Some of these have already been touched on in this blog.  Conditional probability is key. 

Get enough independent variables in one place and  mix them up and they can relate to each other in a myriad of different combinations based on simple probability. That's potential probability.   When independent atoms start finding relationships with other atoms , because they can, a sort of   code automatically starts to develop. That's because not all atoms and not all types of energy in the mix are going to react and some react more forcefully an more permanently than others depending on the energy conditions in the environment.  That's a lot of variables as the number of types of atoms and types of forces and reactions becomes apparent. When something chain like or crystalized or geometric results it maybe independently replicated by other sets of the same or similar atoms/ subatomic particles.  This happens naturally.  Conditions of surrounding energy states and  exposure to radiation and other factors  are more integral factor variables.   As soon as any kind of replicable order starts to appear then you have automatic natural coding manifesting itself.  coding itself, leads to replication coding...that's a new law of physics.  Code is prone to self replicate.  If you ever wondered why animals and plants evolve because they have the desire to survive , flourish and reproduce you might think that there is something magical about that.....but it is not just apparent in living organisms.  the coding starts at the subatomic level or even below that level. the entire universe acts as if it has some kind of innate intelligence. We humans are amazed by animal instincts....we think that is the byproduct of  something rational or accidental....what we are seeing is intelligence of underlying code that goes to the atomic maybe that electricity has caused humans to discover it and  that electricity has caused humans to put electricity to highly advanced uses and not art or science that did it .

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The discovery that we live in a coded universe and quite possibly an intelligent universe thus comes right back around to conditional probability theory as the theory of everything.

Our multilayered coded universe where electromagnetism gives us the period table of elements, electromagnetic spectrum , the  spectrograph of elemental photonic signatures and then higher levels where we have genomes and DNA and then structural coding beyond that of organic molecules that interface with the DNA present us with not only this horrible run on sentence but with an enormous number of variables and then permutations there of.

  In order for probability to exist as a theory or practice we have to have a conditional notion of what possibly can happen in advance. We thus need variables and more variables we have the more we can anticipate some probability in the future. Probability is something that can be recorded as history such as when we do statistical analysis but really we that with a forward time moving ahead outlook.   We think we can better predict the future by analyzing the past ....we might all be gamblers in life but some of use make very big bets with bigger expectations from probability.  It may just be a game at casinos but some people make million dollar bets even though the same thrill of the probability comes from much lower bets.  the valuation of a probable occurrence is a metric and its own layer of variables.  Probability is about expectations and pre guessing what can happen in advance otherwise its just history it happened.

Those who think that time can be reversed will have a problem with probability immediately.  The probability that the past happened is 100 percent though we might not remember it or all of it.

So if there is a God in everything its got to be probability.  In order to have that God in everything we still then need a lot of known variables.  If we don't know a variable and don't have all the layers of code to start with then the probability of a coming unknown event is non existent.  That's not to say we can't anticipate the unanticipated by we can only assign the probability as inevitable but not come to any conclusions about the odds.   That all then comes down to electro magnetism as it manifests itself in mass and energy interplay though out the universe.  If all mass and energy can be reduced to anything of a common denominator it has to be the electro magnetic signatures we detect to determine the existence of everything I listed above as a layer of code for variability.  which includes all the factors in the run on sentence to begin with.  from DNA down to the mass spectrographic ranges.  I resist saying all mass and all energy boil down to electro magnetism only because of the mass defect problems in the original theories.  I can say though that every sense we have synthetic and natural is about electro magnetism disturbances including the spectrum of photons... conditional probability theory then has to rule.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Code and the conditions of probability are a certainty. Everything we know of in the cosmos is coded.

current running down the length of a wire coast to coast is just an electromagnetic disturbance . not one electron that enters the wire from one side makes it to the other side and yet the signal travels near the speed of light when measured. with electrolysis of water the hydrogen bubbles up along the  positive or negative lead in the water only and the oxygen bubbles up the opposite charged pole in the water.  that is the same reaction as electric current in the wire.  both then have to be code passed form electron to electron/ atom to atom along the length of transmission and that code will take apart and rebuild water molecules in the electrolysis water basin on both sides of the polarity simultaneously. that only can be accomplished with that electro magnetic disturbance coding. no hydrogen or oxygen comes out anywhere else from the experiment.  It is damn amazing and point out the most over looked principles of physics I am still working on discovering.  when  you see that experiment which is common place in industry now,  you realize we live in a coded universe.  this principle of electromagnetic disturbance blows a huge hole in quantum mechanics immediately because it is spooky and it atoms and molecules being in different places at the same time and it had been discovered more than 150 years ago.  It also is a black box mystery like the uncertainty principle and Schroder's dead cat but highly certain when we use it in industry.  I can now better explain why so called pons and fliesher cold fusion really may have been real fusion and why the reaction seemed to be on a unregulated time scale.    The real discovery is photons which are then just discarded code or electro magnetic disturbance coding that reveals information but only has real value furthering the transmission of electromagnetic disturbances at close range with the inverse square law taking it to nil at longer distances form the point of radiation source.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Conservation of Momentum. Certain of it now.

I am almost certain that there is no energy to do any kind of mechanical work without momentum and I am talking about the subatomic level to the largest cosmic structures. Some of the first electrical experiments were with fur pelts rubbing glass rods to yield a static electric shock. The largest electronic generators require momentum to allow what is essentially friction that slows down the wheel to yield work energy.  the conservation of energy rule is all about requiring resistance/ interference with a magnetic charge or even the creation of a magnetic charge because of the properties of momentum involved. It is all very reflexive in nature.  the net out put of an electric current at the end of any work done with it in all kinds of electrical devices or just in carrying the charge over long wire distances is the output of infrared photons mostly. The photons then are immediately related to the grinding resistance to momentum of the generator that starts the process.  Therefore it all comes down to what I would call conservation of momentum.  I am talking about common denominators of photons then as code for releasing the internal energy of residual momentum.  If you wanted to believe in the big bang theory or a small bang theory among other bangs in the universe than then  momentum is the intergalactic currency and possibly a better metric than the speed of light.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

All energy in the universe is derived from Momentum (?) Maybe a great bet.

Hard to believe for the uninitiated but all of the energy in the universe is probably derived from momentum. That is just mass with velocity . If that is entire reservoir of energy the metric to measure it is relatively complicated and has no relationship to the speed of light constant unless used to measure distances between momentum cells if close enough to reflect light